I wasn’t picked up and taken in. Back then the one who picked up the stone was me.

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No internet for a few days so i watched Gintama and drew

Gintama girls are all so strong and beautiful i love them


"OHIKAE NASUTTE" Formal greeting of Yakuza.

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art trade with cheesecake12 :D!

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Narasaki Ryou


In my previous post about writing an OC/Shinsengumi captain romance, I said that there have always been independent strong women whose stories defy the easy stereotypes of gender roles in their society.  And in terms of 1860s Kyoto, I was thinking of one young woman in particular: Narasaki Ryou.

'Oryou' was no friend to the Shinsengumi, as you'll see. But she's a good example of how you could write a spirited young woman who takes action on her own and still be true to Hakuouki's setting. (I've also tagged this post as Gintama because she's a minor character in Gintama and fans might be interested in her history.)


This picture is often said to be of Oryou, but it’s a matter of some debate whether this is true.

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My commission from scholla .  Here we see Sachan busily stalking her favorite slacker from the rooftops of Kabuki-cho. 

1. Who’d guess that after this adorable exchange we’d be handed one of the most brutal battles in Gintama. 

2. The Yoshiwara arc is such an important turning point for Yorozuya. Before, Gintoki’s natural inclination was ‘parent first, teammate second’ as in, his protective instincts and sense of responsibility of Dad always kicked in first, even though he knew these two are strong in their own right. Here, he’s forced to really take that leap of faith and allow Kagura to handle a villain he himself admitted all three of them would have difficulty with, on a good day. He is, in a way, giving them the right to risk their lives for the cause they believe in. Just as he was with his Joui comrades. He’s treating her (them) as adult warriors here. Sure, after this arc is over, they’re shifting back to the ol’ Yorozuya mechanism, but this little milestone was the precursor to arcs like 4 Devas and Keisei, where he had to allow them to face head-on the danger he considers bigger than all of them, in all ways logical. Putting their lives (and his heart) on their hands, so to speak.

3. But I think it was really Kagura who tipped the favour here. If it was just Shinpachi asking to battle Abuto, I don’t think he’d have let him. It wasn’t just because he knew Kagura’s strength. I do think he understood the need for the settling of personal scores (or wanting to save someone even though that person might be beyond saving; in his case, Shoyo-sensei; in her case, dumb brother) and that is why he let her / them go for it. Because this is important to her. 

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sacchan’s been looking exceptionally fine in the latest chapters

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Posting Mutsu separately for the awesome fygintaladies blog :)

I want you to be my friend forever.


ha ha ha finally done!

It was going to be a simple drawing then I went nuts with it 

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can i draw gintama characters who arent the yorozuya?? barely