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keltastalunta asked for Kagura with Petrichor

Petrichor - The smell of dry rain on the ground.


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Doodle 69- The Skies of Yoshiwara

The sun, the moon, and the stars of Yoshiwara.

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keltastalunta said: mutsu +15 (i wonder if she has the yato appetite too)

what, this? this is just a light snack

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"We don’t intend to live in a masculine or feminine way. We’re people who just want to live true to ourselves."

For Anon, who wanted something for Kyuubei’s birthday.

#your gintama tag is one of my fav places on the internet

*blushes furiously* Thanksss. (I wish I still had time to make graphics. MAYBE IN A FEW MORE MONTHS…)

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I wasn’t picked up and taken in. Back then the one who picked up the stone was me.

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No internet for a few days so i watched Gintama and drew

Gintama girls are all so strong and beautiful i love them


"OHIKAE NASUTTE" Formal greeting of Yakuza.

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art trade with cheesecake12 :D!

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Narasaki Ryou


In my previous post about writing an OC/Shinsengumi captain romance, I said that there have always been independent strong women whose stories defy the easy stereotypes of gender roles in their society.  And in terms of 1860s Kyoto, I was thinking of one young woman in particular: Narasaki Ryou.

'Oryou' was no friend to the Shinsengumi, as you'll see. But she's a good example of how you could write a spirited young woman who takes action on her own and still be true to Hakuouki's setting. (I've also tagged this post as Gintama because she's a minor character in Gintama and fans might be interested in her history.)


This picture is often said to be of Oryou, but it’s a matter of some debate whether this is true.

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My commission from scholla .  Here we see Sachan busily stalking her favorite slacker from the rooftops of Kabuki-cho.