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Quick notes on Ch.480. Spoilers, obviously.

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Happy Birthday Tsukuyo.

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Happy Birthday to the lovely Shinigami Courtesan, Tsukky!

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❝I am simply Mutsu… Mutsu, the vice-captain of the Kaientai.❞


Are you a Yato?

We will be reblogging some posts from the latest Gintama arc/chapter again. For non manga readers, they are a tad spoilery, so ts if you like. We will tag with ‘gintamaspoilers’. Thank you!


I’m afraid of female leads that act cute and unnatural. I’ll always be irritated and point out ‘There’s no such people!’”

- Hideaki Sorachi

Going to casually reblog my own post, because I just noticed: KAGURA IS LITERALLY RIPPING UP “FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY.” (Because what the hell is “female” psychology? And how is it different from “male” psychology?)

I just. I can’t. My love for this mangaka… I RESPECT HIM SO MUCH I CAN’T CONTAIN IT ALL

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christhetsunami asked: Glad to see you active again. Do you think you'll continue the top Gintalady moments? I was really excited to see you finish that

Hi there! :D I was thinking of picking that up again, but it would probably take a while. Initially it was meant to be some kind of a long year-end countdown but obviously I’ve missed the deadline. Starting off projects and not finishing them is a bad habit of mine. But yeah, I haven’t forgotten about that. :)



Why did things turn out this way? When did it start…? I wanted to play house and cat’s cradle with everyone else. I wanted to wear a pretty kimono and walk around town like everyone else. I wanted to become like you, Tae-chan… A strong girl with a kind heart.

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happy birthday or belated birthday or future birthday WHO KNOWS

anyway have a good one toni

i actually just wanted to give her a tsunblush that’s the real reason here


Tsukky and Sacchan from Gintama. It’s been a long time since I joined this fandom, but this is the first time I draw a fanart of it. All hail Gintama Ladies.

OP, I’m really sorry that it took me so long to notice your submission (I’m not sure when you had sent it because I always forget checking my inbox unless there’s a red alert on it). I just want to say this is gorgeous beyond belief and dripping with atmosphere and character (that shading!!! that lighting!!!) and one of the most stunning pieces I have seen in this super gifted fandom and thank you for submitting and sorry I’ve been in radio silence for so long I didn’t notice I’ve got new submissions;; Thank you for submitting and please draw more!

Some thoughts on chapter 479.

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